Three Times Larger Than Average! HELP!
We need to raise $20,000+ to complete canning

GRAND TOTAL (drumroll please …) – 1,200  salmon await canning at CS Fishery. The largest harvest yet!

2014 was a phenomenal harvest year for all fishermen and for the Smiley Brothers Salmon Harvest. We set 3,000 pounds of salmon to the regional Meals on Wheels project, and in February, we delivered 2,000 cans of salmon to our local food banks.

See this story in the North Coast Citizen.

All projections for the 2015 salmon season are that we could see another large run of fish, so when you are considering donations to worthy causes, please remember the Smiley Brothers North Fork Nehalem Salmon Project — providing the bounty of our salmon runs to the people of our community, especially our low-income and senior members. We are committed to helping those with the greatest need to receive this high-quality protein. Our fish, feeding our people.

Previous Waterhouse Falls and Fall Creek Falls Life Cycle Monitoring Harvests:
Year     Hatchery    Stream        NCFB/
         fish        Enrichment    Smiley Bros
2009       380       223           157
2010       765       274           491
2011       327        38           289
2012       174        10           164
2013       715       343           372
Totals   2,361       888         1,473 (food grade salmon)

We need your help!
We are fortunate to have the support of individuals, business owners, organizations and foundations in turning this, our legacy resource, into meals and nutrition for our young, elderly and families in need.  The community is continuing to step up and work closely with ODF&W, on-shore processors: The Skipanon Brand in Warrenton for canning; the CS Fishery in Garibaldi for cleaning, fillet and cold storage; and the numerous volunteers who transport the harvested Salmon from the North Fork Nehalem River to Garibaldi, Warrenton and to Neah-Kah-Nie High School for labels and distribution to the North Tillamook County Food Bank.  It simply cannot be done without your donations to offset the costs to put these nutritious meals on the table.

Peter Newman interviews Smiley coordinator Laura Swanson on KMUN’s Neahkahnie View

November 24, 2014

Wayne Moore’s 2012 senior project at Neahkahnie High School.

The Smiley Bros. began these coordinated partnerships in 2009 to harvest, process and distribute Salmon, and over the past few years, tuna as well. This tremendous bounty of high quality Omega-3 proteins is needed by all but especially by our youth and aging populations. The success over the last five years was made possible with the support of Oregon Fish and Wildlife, the North County Food Bank, the North Tillamook County Rotary Club, and the Eugene Schmuck Foundation and many more contributors too numerous to name.

Once again it is time to harvest and can salmon for distribution to our communities. The Smiley Bros. are moving on to new experiences and community efforts in other locales, but the health and well being of the Waterhouse Falls Annual Salmon Harvest is significant for each of us and will continue with a focus on canning the returning Coho Salmon.  There is new leadership, volunteers and cooperation growing to keep the harvest alive and to provide the North Tillamook County Food Bank with ongoing nutritional support for North Coast families. The Neah-Kah-Nie Booster Club has picked up the reins and is going forward as the sponsoring 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  We are thankful for your excellent support of the efforts over these past five years and are hopeful of your continuing support for the delivery of this bounty to North Coast communities.